Hello, my name is Angèle Kamp but you can call me Skyla, which is my artist’s name. I live in the Netherlands with my husband and our two cheeky boys. It always seems to rain here in the Netherlands but when the sun is out I grab my camera and go for a sunny bike ride with my boys.

I have been an artist & graphic designer for over 20 years & I am always creating and learning something new. I founded Skyla Design in 2016 and throughout these past years, I have created many collections of watercolor art, illustrations, hand-lettered fonts and seamless patterns. If you’d like to see my work you can view my portfolio here.

Five fun facts about me

1. I start each day with a cup of tea. I have tried it but coffee is just not for me.
2. I am super organized and am always working on something. I meal plan, I color coordinate my wardrobe & I organize my cupboards for fun.
3. I’m quite competitive when playing board and video games and don’t let my boys win on purpose.
4. I’m the worst when it comes to relaxing but do regularly take a quick nap to help me get through my day.
5. I’m crazy about fresh plants, which doesn’t mean I great at keeping them alive and I regularly take a trip to the store to get new ones.