Creative Market affiliate links

How to make money while you sleep with affiliate links from partner program Creative Market.
So let me start off by saying, of course you will have to put in the hard work during the day, but in the long run it will pay off and you will be able to make money while you sleep. I love waking up in the morning and seeing what all that hard work has brought in.
Here’s how it all started. In 2016 I opened up my Creative Market shop and also joined their partner program.
By joining the partner program you will earn 10% of every purchase for an entire year from all new customers you refer to Creative Market. So I did just that. I started sharing products I love a couple times a week on Pinterest, InstagramTwitter, and here on my blog.

After a while more and more people clicked on my links and after just a couple of weeks I started making sales. Sounds too good to be true right? Well believe it, it’s true. Below you will find an overview of how long it took to start making sales and the amount of followers I had at the time.

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Turn on kerning in Word

Kerning is the letter spacing between two individual letters. By default Microsoft Word has this feature turned off and this might make some of your words look a little off.

Here’s how to turn on the kerning feature in Word. I am using my font Willow Bloom as an example.

1. Select the text you want to kern. Click ctrl+D or click on the little arrow to the bottom right in the font settings. Word will open up the Font dialog box.

2. Check the box next to ‘kerning for fonts’

3. Click ‘ok’ and you’re done!

12 hand-lettered fonts

hand lettered modern brush fonts, some free

I recently discovered Creative Market and opened up my own shop. As a graphic designer, Creative Market has so many goodies to offer like watercolor textures, fun clipart, and so much more. As far as fonts go it is definitely font heaven and I even made some fonts of my own.

Below you will find the links to these gorgeous hand-lettered fonts that are great to use for your creative designs.


Some of these fonts are free and some are for a great price. This post includes affiliate links, but I only share fonts and links that I love.

How to install premade Storenvy theme

I get a lot of questions on how to install one of my pre-made Storenvy themes. Below you’ll find easy instructions and examples of error messages that might occur.

Backup and upgrade your current store design
Make a backup of your current store design before you install your new theme
A. In the Storenvy dashboard go to Storefront > Theme > Download Files
B. If you are still using the old Storenvy theme, upgrade to the Cooper theme

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DIY: Painted leaves

I was inspired by these pretty painted leaves and thought I might try some of my own. Materials used: leaves, gouache paints, paintbrush, permanent marker with small tip.

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