Tutorial: Fix broken blogger template designer

A while back I wanted to change my blog design and found my template designer was not working anymore. I thought I had broken it by editing the html and css. So I started from scratch and installed a standard blogger template but found it was still not responding.

I googled this and googled it some more and found many more bloggers having the same problem but no fix. This drove me up the wall for a couple of weeks until I finally found the solution. It seems there is a bug in Blogger. When you disable the mobile template, like I did, it breaks the template designer. Simply turning it back on will not do the trick, you will also have to restore your template. I’m not sure this will work for everyone but here’s how I fixed it.

Solution: broken blogger template designer
1. Login to the blogger dashboard
2. Before you start make a full back up of your blog
3. Go to Template and click on the icon below Mobile

4. Select: Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices. And save

5. Go to Template > Backup/Restore (in the right top corner)
6. Click on download full template > save file > ok

7. In the same popup window click Browse and upload the .xml template you just saved
8. Click on customize to go to the template designer, it should be working again

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  1. didn't work for me either. and unfortunately i can't start from scratch as all my widgets were on a computer that was stolen. any idea when blogger will fix it?

  2. Didn't work for me either and any time I've started from scratch the same thing happens after a couple of hours to the new blog!!
    I cant believe blogger have yet to fix these problems!! It is so utterly ridiculous!

  3. Yes, i tried exactly what you said above to this blog:


    From what i can gather the problems occur when you customise the blog via CSS?

    All i have done is centre the page list, centre the header image and remove the space where the blogger nav bar would sit.

    Not really heavy customisation! But it really doesn't seem to like it.

    i literally want to scream in frustration!!!

    Its the same for all of my blogs (though i haven't tried the above fix on all of them yet).

  4. Safari. I might try firefox. I also might try making a new blog and never turn off mobile template…Redo my customisations and see if that works!

  5. Oh no, I hope this doesn't happen to me; that's all I need! So sorry though, what a pain in the a#@! Blogger seriously kills me sometimes! Great post; I'm going to share on Google+ and Pin also :o) Have a fabulous Friday!

  6. It hasn't working for me either. I wanted to start creating my new blog and I am not able to go into Template Design. All I am getting once I click it is a blank page. Followed the easy instruction given however not working. Has anyone find another way to correct this issue?

  7. It worked for me but the changes I made to my widgets have disappeared!!

    Also, I don't want the mobile to be activated, and when I turn it off again the same problem happens. how do you get it to work and still have the mobile deactivated?

  8. Thank you for your reply. It's annoying that it won't work when you don't have the mobile enabled, because the majority of my traffic comes from mobile and my blog looks rubbish on mobile and people will probably click off it before locating the link to view the full site. Oh well, thanks again for your help.

  9. It is working,, after you follow the step given above,, then you should to dashboard and click customize… and remove the message below the icon template shown and just click button Apply (orange color).. and done..

  10. I also followed your tutorial. At first I didn’t get the overall idea of how to fix it. But thanks to you I finally fixed my template design. But some previous widgets have disappeared. Still this post is a life saver for me. Thanks for sharing.

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