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Fun, cute, brush, modern calligraphy,  Christmas fonts, some free for commercial use by Skyla Design
Cute, fun, modern calligraphy fonts for your Christmas Creations!

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Boost your Pinterest with BoardBooster

I just LOVE Pinterest. I’ve been a member from the very beginning, you know back when you had to receive an invite to be allowed to join? Yeah, that’s how way back we go.
I used to spend hours pinning DIY projects and recipes and trying out all the fun things I found. Now fast forward 7 years later, I’ve got 2 young boys and I run my own business as Skyla Design and there’s no more time for DIY’s & Recipes. Time is sparse so I had to find a way to promote my business with the little time that I have.  BoardBooster is the perfect way for me to do just that & I’ll show you how.

What is BoardBooster?
BoardBooster has many amazing features but the number one reason I use it is that it allows you to schedule pins & loop those pins for you so you do not have to spend your valuable time pinning each day.

1. Gain more followers
Let BoardBooster pin for you & watch your Pinterest account grow.
2. Save time
Once you have your boards set up it will save you so much time and boost your Pinterest account.
3. Promote your business
Consistently promote your business and schedule your content or products on Pinterest.
4. Schedule & Loop pins
Automatically pin day & night. Think of how much time & money that will save you each day! That is precious time you could spend with your family or creating new content.


How to set up Scheduler
My all-time favorite feature of BoardBooster is the Scheduler. Below you can find the steps to help you set it up.

1. Go to and open an account.  When you first sign up you will automatically receive the first 100 repins for free. Now go to ‘pinning tools’ and ‘Scheduler’.


2a. Click on the ‘Add Boards’ button on the top right corner.
2b. Check off the boards you want to use and click continue. Let’s start with one board for now. Wait for it to create the board, this may take a while.
2c. Change the amount you want to Pin each day. Let’s start with 2 a day. If you are pinning to group boards, be sure to read the rules of the board to make sure you do not spam it. Monitor the board on Pinterest and change the number of pins accordingly.
2d. Change the time to whatever you want. I have it set to 10 am – 10 pm so it pins day and night.
2e. Click ‘submit’. Board Booster will connect to your Pinterest account and create a secret board which corresponds with the name of the board you just selected and add ‘-‘ in front of the name. You can find your secret boards all the way at the bottom of your Pinterest board page.


3a. Click on the board you just created and click on the little cogwheel to the right of ‘Publishing’. Now click on ‘Advanced settings’ at the bottom right.
3b. You can change the settings to whatever you prefer. I have selected ‘Keep it on source board’ & ‘Start over’

4. Now you’re all set-up to pin to your secret board! You will pin like you normally do but you will select the secret board you just created. It will have the same name as your regular board with an ‘-‘ added in front of the name. You can also find your secret boards all the way at the bottom of your Pinterest board page.

Once you have all your content pinned to your secret board you can sit back and let BoardBooster do the work for you. Everything you pin to that secret board will automatically be pinned for you day and night and it will automatically loop all of the pins once it’s done.

Want to give it go? If you sign up now you will automatically receive the first 100 repins for free.

This post includes affiliate links. Thanks for stopping by.

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